Unwanted Car Removals

Unwanted Car Removal in Perth – Earn Instant Cash For Your Unwanted Car

Cars suffer wear & tear after a distinct period of time which makes them a useless piece of metal scrap. We at Malaga Car Removals get the wrecked or damaged car removed from the property. Our unwanted car removal service is rendered to all the suburbs of Perth, WA including Malaga, Lexia, Medina, Serpentine, etc.

What is so unique about Malaga Car Removals?

There are several unwanted car removal service providers in Perth, Western Australia. But, we are different from others in terms of the quality of service offered. While several other companies may hesitate in traveling to the suburbs, we are open to it. Our services rendered at the distant and nearby suburbs such as Kenwick, Langford, Martin, Menora, Merriwa.

Free up space in the property with convenience

We offer the service of unwanted car removals in a hassle-free manner. Our professionals are smart, intelligent and work at a rapid speed. We use modern techniques, making the process stress-free and convenient. Our service is rendered at the suburbs of Perth that include areas such as Churchlands, Cloverdale, Heathridge, etc.

 Gain the best rate for unwanted car in Perth

You will get the best rate for selling your old car of any condition from us at Malaga Car Removals as we are a pioneer in the field. Our professionals can visit you at any suburbs in Perth, WA like Atwell, Balga, Baskerville, and others. We accept wrecked cars of all models and brands.

Know the ultimate fate of the wrecked car

The moment we purchase a wrecked car we bring it to our wreck yard for wrecking it beyond repair. Prior to it, we remove the functional and usable parts later sold as second-hand parts. The rest of the metal scrap is completely wrecked and crushed for selling forward to the scrap dealers.

Approach us anytime with the modes

We at Malaga Car Removals are always ready and happy to help our clients. Clarify all sorts of doubts or queries by calling us with 04 0159 5921 or by sending us a mail with your contact details at info@malagacarremoval.com.au. Our staff will get in touch with you within the shortest span of time. Rush now to earn the best rate!